Why isn’t the guide here yet?

Since the early stages of the JustBoom project we have reached out to most of the various distribution maintainers to make sure that the necessary software for JustBoom was included in their OSs.

We have tried several times to get in touch with RuneAudio to see if we could speed up things and finally get JustBoom supported but it would seem that we haven’t yet quite successfully be able to determine what needs doing and when will that happen.

We know that progress has generally been a bit slow within RuneAudio over the last year and this is just a fact of life in the open source community. They have our understanding and sympathy.

To our customers we can only apologise if things haven’t yet gone in the direction we envisaged, rest assured that as soon as RuneAudio releases a version of their OS which includes our product we will get on with producing a guide.

In the meantime for those of you that are more adventurous and cannot quite do without RuneAudio please follow this link to a Beta that includes the drivers for our boards. It goes without saying that it is a Beta and might not be as stable or standard as you might want it.