Meet The JustBoom Team

Audio. It’s what we do. We make our products simple, easy to use, and always keep in mind that high definition music should be affordable and enjoyed by friends, family… everyone.

Simon Browne
Simon BrowneBusiness Development
Simon is in charge of making sure all JustBoom boards and products shipped out find their way to our customers. He looks after our shipping, operations, and forging new partnerships with like minded businesses.
Aaron Shaw
Aaron ShawProduct Development
Experienced within the Raspberry Pi community and in product design, Aaron has played a key role in developing the JustBoom product range into what it is today.
John Whiting
John WhitingMarketing
Every project needs help coordinating and raising awareness, and that’s John. John works tirelessly, making sure JustBoom has the best possible foundations for success
Louis Reed
Louis ReedMedia Designer
The creative media designer, Louis is in charge of photography, making our websites, apps, graphics and all other digital content.
JunoHead of Security
Don’t be deceived by the sweet, innocent look of Juno. She’s really a tough security guard who protects all the JustBoom stock and employees. Watch out! 🙂
Francesco Vannini
Francesco VanniniVolunteer
Francesco is a keen audiophile and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. He enjoys helping out JustBoom customers whenever he can.
OliveChief Happiness Officer
I am launching a crowdfunding campaign with @inkshares to publish my kid’s book idea! Here you’ll find all the updates as I keep drawing and finishing the book.You can pre-order now Please enjoy, like and share!

We want to provide music lovers with a brand new way of enjoying music, without the need for an overpriced DAC / high quality music player. We don’t believe in charging thousands of pounds for a product that can be created with a Raspberry Pi and a JustBoom board – sometimes, that’s all the average music lover needs!

If you love music and want to experience the next generation of crystal clear sound, come along with us – it’s going to be an amazing ride. Welcome to the world of affordable high quality audio with JustBoom and meet the team who’s making it happen…