JustBoom DAC – High Resolution Digital-to-Analogue Converter

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The JustBoom DAC is a standalone high-resolution digital-to-analog converter offering 108kHz/24 bit lossless audio playback for your Hi-Fi system. We’ve designed the JustBoom DAC to be simple to use – with no soldering required and all the mounting hardware already provided, this is a true plug and play device.

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Product Description

Connect your JustBoom DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) to a set of powered speakers, headphones or an audio amplifier and you can be up and running quickly, enjoying flawless, crystal-clear high-quality audio playback within minutes of unboxing. If you need amplification or additional outputs for passive speakers, the JustBoom DAC is also compatible with the JustBoom Amp – just stack the Amp on top with the mounting hardware and board to board connector and you will be good to go.

This affordable, standalone digital-to-analogue converter has among the best value for money available on the market and truly reduces the barriers to entry for versatile high quality audio playback. The digital (S/PDIF) inputs include both optical (TOSLINK) and coaxial/RCA connector options. The onboard DAC chip offers a 384kHz/32 bit output (although this is limited due to the input S/PDIF receiver to 108kHz/24bit). The JustBoom DAC additionally includes a 138mW headphone amplifier.

The board outputs line level audio over RCA and also offers a headphone amplified output over 3.5mm jack cable. The board is powered by a standard 5 volt microUSB power supply – this is a common power supply in tablets and smartphones so many of you will already have one available or can pick one up for a good price!

Setup Guide

Follow the JustBoom DAC setup guide and JustBoom Player configuration tutorial.


  • Full high quality audio – 108kHz / 24bit (uses 384kHz/32bit DAC chip but this is limited due to the S/PDIF input)
  • Includes S/PDIF input using either optical (TOSLINK) or electrical (RCA/coaxial) connections
  • Includes both a DAC and headphone amplifier
  • Line-level RCA and headphone amplified 3.5mm jack outputs
  • Plug and play compatibility for ease of use
  • No soldering required
  • Powered by the 5v microUSB power supply – you probably already have one!
  • Compatible with the JustBoom Amp board

Technical Information

  • Burr-Brown / Texas Instruments PCM5102A DAC chip – 384kHz / 32 bit. Please note that due to restrictions of the S/PDIF receiver the max quality is limited to 108kHz / 24 bit
  • Texas Instruments TPA6133A2 headphone amplifier – 138mW
  • 112db SNR and -93db THD for best-in-class audio
  • Advanced ESD protection on both headphone and RCA outputs
  • Ultra low noise voltage regulator for the best audio output (LDO 10uVrms)
  • 5v microUSB power input requires at least 100mA when using RCA connectors or at least 200mA when using headphone connector. We recommend at least a 500mA power supply
  • Stacking with JustBoom Amp by way of board-to-board connector. All of the required mounting hardware in order to do this is included with the two products for ease

Use Cases

A standalone audio DAC card provides the perfect solution for a number of exciting projects and applications where standard audio resolutions just won’t cut it. Here are some possible use cases for the JustBoom DAC:

  • Paired with the JustBoom Digi HAT / JustBoom Digi Zero as a receiver for your digital audio output
  • Paired with the JustBoom Amp to offer all in one DAC and amplifier for a compact high-quality audio solution
  • High quality headphone amplifier for your digital audio receiver
  • Streaming (either from cloud or network storage) high-definition audio player
  • Multi-room audio player
  • Media centre / set-top box living room entertainment system
  • And many many more….

Additional Information

Weight0.020 kg
Dimensions8.2 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm


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