Add An IR Receiver to Your JustBoom Boards

This guide will show you how to install an IR (Infrared Receiver) on your JustBoom.

All the JustBoom HATs and pHATs can be controlled with a remote.

To enable this feature you need to install the Infrared Receiver that comes for free with each of the boards.

Despite the fact that the majority of pictures were made using a specific board the guide is viable for JustBoom Amp, DAC and Digi on both HAT and pHAT.

Identify on the PCB the location for the Infrared Receiver.

Use the picture on the left to help you find it.

Section 1 – IR Soldering

Step 1 – Place the IR on the board so that the bulging part of the sensor is pointing outside as show in the picture.

Step 2 – Rotate the PCB. You can use a sponge underneath so that the IR is kept in place whilst you are soldering it.

Solder the IR on the pads by making sure you are using the right amount of lead as shown on the picture.

Step 3 – Cut the excess of the legs with side cutters and make sure you are not cutting too close to the PCB. You should aim to cut at about 2 mm off the board.

Section 2 – Case opening

Step 1 – Identify within the case the round indentation with a plastic pin in the middle.

Step 2 – In order to produce the opening you can use a pen, a chopstick or anything that will be about the same size of the round indentation.

Step 3 – Push the plastic pin from inside the case and outward to break it off the case.

Step 4 – Push through the rest of the tool you are using to remove the thin plastic remaining and completely open the hole for the IR.

With the plastic removed the case will provide a generous opening for the IR.