Set Up Your JustBoom Amp And Case

This guide will show you how to install the JustBoom Amp 

This guide has been updated in May 2017. If you bought a case before then you might want to follow the previous guide. You can tell them a part because the previous case used screws whereas the new uses bolts.

Unpack your JustBoom Amp and the mounting kit that comes with it.

You should find:

  • 1 JustBoom Amp board
  • 4 metal bolts
  • 4 plastic spacers
  • 4 metal nuts
  • 1 info card
  • 1 Roon Labs voucher
  • 1 Max2Play voucher
  • 2 JustBoom stickers

Section 1 – Case Assembly

Step 1 – Unpack your JustBoom Amp.

Step 2 – The JustBoom DAC and Amp case is the perfect enclosure for the JustBoom Amp.

After removing the protective film exercise a gentle outward lift at the base of the top part of the case as indicated by the arrows in the picture on the left.

Everything that comes with the JustBoom DAC and Amp case

This should allow you to detach the top cover from the bottom of the case.

Within the case you will find 4 rubber feet and 2 metal bolts. Here is how it will look like once opened.

set up justboom amp

Step 3 – To install the rubber feet on the bottom part of the case you will either have to push and twist them through one of the 4 the holes or help yourself with a small screwdriver to tuck in the top part of the feet within hole as shown below. Be careful not to cut through the feet and rather than using the tip of the screwdriver use the flat surface to push the head of rubber foot in.

Step 4 – Place the board onto one the side panel with two grooves so that it slots in the on the right as shown in the picture.

Step 5 – Place the Amp within the top part of the case as shown in the picture. Make sure that the side panel is sliding within the plastic guides of the case.

Arrows showing how to install and set up justboom amp

Step 6 – Use the two metal bolts to fix the part sitting on the white spacers glued to the enclosure.

Step 7 – Slide in the other side panel so that its orientation is as show in the picture.

Step 8 – Fit the bottom part of the case. The small indentation of the bottom part of the case should be on the same side as the big opening of the top part.

Step 9 – As for when opening the case at the beginning, pull slightly the two sides of the bottom part of the case so that the plastic teeth can more easily slide in and hook on to the top part.

Case assembly

Your JustBoom is now ready.

Please use a power supply compatible with the specifications from the picture on the side. Check this page for additional information to help you choose the right power supply.