Set Up Your JustBoom Digi HAT And Case

This guide will show you how to install the JustBoom Digi HAT onto the Raspberry Pi.

Remember this HAT is compatible with all Raspberry Pis but has been specifically designed for  A+, B+, 2B and 3B.

Unpack your JustBoom Digi HAT and the mounting kit that comes with it.

You should find:

  • 1 JustBoom Digi HAT board
  • 8 Plastic bolts
  • 4 Plastic spacers
  • 1 Phototransistor
  • 1 Info card
  • 1 Roon Labs voucher
  • 1 Max2Play voucher
  • 2 JustBoom stickers

If you are planning to use the IR sensor or the Rotary Encoder please follow these guides before you start.

Section 1 – Board Assembly

Step 1 – Unpack your Raspberry Pi.

Step 2 – Prepare the mounting hardware.

Step 3 – Install the spacers on the Raspberry Pi as shown here holding them with 4 plastic bolts from underneath the Pi.

Step 4 – Place the JustBoom DAC HAT onto the Raspberry Pi by gently pushing the female header onto the Raspberry Pi male header.

Step 5 – Screw the last 4 plastic bolts to hold the JustBoom Digi HAT in place.

If you have acquired the JustBoom case for this product please skip to Section 2 – Case assembly.

Step 6 – You can now move onto our OS tutorials section to learn how to acquire, install and configure your favourite Operating System.

Section 2 – Case Assembly

The JustBoom Digi HAT case is the perfect enclosure for the JustBoom Digi HAT and the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1 – After removing the protective film pull gently out the two sides of the bottom part of the case to unhook the top.

This should allow you to detach the top cover and easily dismantle the rest of the case.

Within the case you will find 4 rubber feet. Here is how it will look like once opened.

set up justboom amp

Step 2 – To install the rubber feet on the bottom part of the case you will either have to push and twist them through one of the 4 the holes or help yourself with a small screwdriver to tuck in the top part of the feet within the hole as shown on the left. Be careful not to cut through the feet and rather than using the tip of the screwdriver use the flat surface to push the head of rubber foot in.

Before we move to the next step, if you have anything other than a Raspberry Pi 4B then you will need to push through the cut out where the HDMI connector is. You can simply use a pointed object to do this and it should easily pop out.

Step 3 – Once the feet are in position take the Raspberry Pi with the JustBoom DAC HAT and place it onto the left side panel of the case so that the PCBs of the various boards are held within the grooves of the panel as shown in the picture opposite.

Step 4 – In a similar manner place the right side panel on the USB and Ethernet ports of the Raspberry Pi.

Step 5 – By holding the panels in place slide both of them in the bottom part of the case as shown here.

Step 6 – You will notice that the headphone connector will stop the assembly from smoothly sliding in. Simply gently pull the side of the case to help the assembly slide in and sit nicely in the bottom part of case with all the connectors properly slot within their respective openings.

Step 7 – At this point you can place the last part of the case on top by making sure that the side panels slide in the grooves of the top part.

Step 8 – As for when opening the case at the beginning, pull slightly the two sides of the bottom part of the case so that the plastic teeth can more easily slide in and hook on to the top part.

Step 9 – Your JustBoom is now ready. Now you can move onto our OS tutorials section to learn how to acquire, install and configure your favourite Operating System.